About Us


Our Musicians

Current Line Up:

  • James Rix
  • Samantha Jonker
  • Danna Hotmar
  • Jason Miller
  • Brooke Browning 
  • John Browning 
  • Stephen Green

Past performers include:

  • Kevin Burrow "The Founder"
  • Denise Burrow
  •  Jon Korte 
  • Jill Lokke
  • Susan Monette
  • James Reimer
  • Joe Moss

Guest Performers have include:

  • Susan Ritta
  • Greg Hunt
  • Mimi Korte
  • Helena Miller


Origins of the Band...

Founded in 2007 by Highland Piper Kevin Burrow, Knocknasheega came together as a result of a chance meeting by several like minded musicians in Wichita Kansas.

After relocating from Wichita, Kevin left the band to follow other musical pursuits.   Kevin now leads the band Fezziwig.


Origins of the Name...

Knocknasheega, (Or  Cnoc na Síge  in Gaelic) directly translated means the "Hill of the Fairies."    Fairies of European folks lore, also called fata, fay, fey, fae, fair folk, from faery, faerie, aren't the typical "Tinkerbelle" you may be familiar with.    These fae are legendary, metaphysical, supernatural creatures that are known to cause mischief, chaos, and mayhem.   

It's an actual place!     
Knocknasheega is a hilltop in County Waterford, Ireland.